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8 - 12 Juin 2016 │ LAUSANNE │ THÉÂTRE 2.21

  • Carles G.O’D.

    sérigraphie / Palma de Mallorca

    For as long as I can remember, drawing has always been my main activity and one of the things I enjoy the most ; visuals and adventure have always been my obsession. I grew up splitting my free time between watching cartoons, reading comics and playing videogames, and playing out in the street, climbing trees and snorkeling in the rocky beaches of Mallorca, my homeland.

    As soon as I had an opportunity I decided to go for art studies in Barcelona. Studying was a constant struggle and although I consider myself self-thougt ; my years in college enabled me to meet loads of great people and travel and live in different places. I’ve lived and studied in Germany (where I started to hate college and to discover the underground self-edition scene) and Mexico (where I travelled like mad and got into hardcore low-budget screen-printing).

    Since I was a teenager I’ve always been linked to social struggles, the punk and queer movements and various alternative scenes, in a constant research on working and living my life in my own way. This has led me to a total immersion into the world of self-edited press and zines, tattooing, alternative collectives and, in short, to graphic production linked to the international underground scene. I’ve worked with the Beehive Collective in Maine, USA and Le Dernier Cri in Marseille, France and as a co-editor of BOSTA Magazine and co-organizer of the Barcelona Gutter Fest. For the last year I’ve focused all my energy in making the UTER project happen, a collaborative graphic about abortion and the right to decide over our bodies.

    visiter le site : www.carlesgod.com