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8 - 12 Juin 2016 │ LAUSANNE │ THÉÂTRE 2.21

  • BlackYard

    serico / Berne

    BlackYard consists of four graphic designers/illustrators in their best age who acquired their abilities through different professional careers. In 2009 they teamed up and settled their business location in the pictoresque part of the small neighbourhood “Matte” in downtown Bern. Their primary area of occupation is illustration, handlettering & graphic design, executed with much care for detail. BlackYard likes to sketch, draw and ink by hand, before utilising machines to merge together all textures and layers preparing the artwork for the offset- and screenprinting process. Posters, illustrations, logos, cover artwork as well as original art and customized objects have found a broad audience in and outside of Switzerland and applied leverage to BlackYard’s aspiring career. Aside from the daily business as a design studio Blackyard founded their own publishing label « Tintenkilby ». First release is an illustrated and bilingual book about the “Deep Sea Angler Fishes” containing over 100 illustrations. It is the first volume ever published to contain uniform illustrations of this group of darkness-dwellers.

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    visiter le site : http://www.blackyard.ch